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When your food has a smile,

it can suddenly become your friend!

♡Happy Food and Cute Things♩♬♪
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This is a community for people who are interested in ridiculously cute animated (or real) treats.

01Mostly we like pictures of things, because reading, "I have this really cute cake-shaped purse with a face on it" isn't quite as exciting as seeing it.

02Many of the more well-known cute-faced food items are Japanese. You might find that a lot of the people in this community also have some interest in generally cute Japanese things.

03On that note, if you happened to have some pictures of generally cute items, I'm sure no one would hold it against you if you posted them. And if they did, I would give them a good talking-to, because I'm the mod and that's my job.

04On that note, please be nice. No one wants to get their feelings hurt when they're just trying to look at cute food. Really. Cute food + Fighting? The two just don't pair up so well.

05Oh, also, if you could refrain from posting generally dark or gothic images, it would be much appreciated. Don't get me wrong, I think there is plenty of room for cute gothic things, but this community is geared a bit more toward warm and happy critters.

06Really big images should be placed under a cut (instructions on how to use LJ-cuts can be found here). So should lots and lots of pictures all at once. We love love love big image posts, but not when they take up a whole page on top of a cut.

07Membership is open to anyone, but please don't join if it's obvious you have no interest in the community. It defeats the purpose of being in a community.

08On the other hand, if you know someone on Live Journal who would particularly like this community, please tell them!

09We want to see lots of cute and friendly foods, right? Well, it's up to everyone in the community, including you! Have fun with posts! It's a very rewarding feeling to post something cute and be bombarded with comments praising you on your amazing cuteness-seeking skills. Photobucket.com is a free way to upload pictures, and the LJ FAQ provides very helpful directions for putting images into entries, in case you're confused. Also, the more cute people you bring to the community, the more cute posts there will be!

10I feel like I'm forgetting something. I guess if you have any questions, feel free to make an entry about them and I will be happy to answer! Enjoy!


Thank you applebisque for the adorable layout!!